8 Nov 2024

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A full day of eight carefully curated sessions for an audience that cares about the future of the web, and who want their ideas challenged.

Held at the Duke of Yorks cinema

Located in sunny* Brighton, UK

8 amazing and inspiring talks

All-day conference (from 9-6pm)

Inclusion scholarship programme

After party to socialise, network & play

* Sometimes known to rain…


Debugging the Mind: A Programmer's Guide to Critical Thinking

Mike Hall

The Talk
Critical thinking offers a framework for questioning and evaluating claims. By challenging assumptions, using evidence-based reasoning, and recognising our bias, we're able to come to better solutions. Mike will outline how a sceptical approach can help avoid common pitfalls and foster more reliable decisions.
Origin Story
I dabbled with BASIC on the BBC Micro and Amstrad 464, and got a loose handle on ADA95 and 68000 assembler at university. But my real start in software was building a PHP3-powered chatroom for sci-fi fans in 1999.

It all means nothing in the end

Amy Hupe

The Talk
What do you do when you've attached your sense of self to work, and work suddenly feels meaningless? In this talk, Amy explores burnout, purpose and making meaning in an increasingly confusing and calamitous world.
Origin Story
When I was little my mum used to tell her friends "Amy started talking at 18 months old and she hasn't stopped since". And here I am. Doing it again.

Get the core right and the resilient code will follow

Andy Bell

The Talk
More often than not, front-end developers will focus purely on improving their technical skills. I’m going to show you a better way by demonstrating how you can produce simpler, more resilient codebases by improving your planning & core skills — specifically improving how you provide and receive feedback from designer colleagues.
Origin Story
I got fed up of developers messing up my design work, so I learned HTML and CSS out of spite.

AI and Accessibility: the Good, the Bad, and the Bollocks

Léonie Watson

The Talk
Depending on what you read, and who you believe, AI is either the ultimate solution or armageddon in motion, so in this talk, Léonie is going to cut through the clickbait, dodge the doomscrollers, and focus on the facts to bring you the good, the bad, and the bollocks of AI and accessibility.
Origin Story
Copied code from Apple magazine onto my Dad's Apple IIE in about 1982. Syntax error on line 1. Studied Performing Arts in the early 90s. Didn't get famous. Bought a modem. Joined Compuserv. Not entirely sure what happened to the next 30 years, but apparently here I am.

0 - 25,000 people! Growing a global community over 10 years

Kimberley Cook

The Talk
We started running workshops in London and before we knew it (10 years later) we'd grown a global community of 25,000 people. I'll talk through everything I've learnt!
Origin Story
I built my first website as part of my media course at college. I loved knowing I could build anything, so changed path from originally wanting to study Law at university to Media Production. The course was perfect for people who didn't know what they wanted to do but liked building things for the internet. So I basically spent 3 years building websites, apps and 3D games. The rest as they say is history!

A talk about web components

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